Client-Side Redirects Using HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"
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What Should Happen?

This page is set to redirect 60 seconds after it is rendered, hopefully making it possible for you to review this explanatory material. If your user agent supports automatic redirection, you will be taken to a new page after 60 seconds. The page to which you are redirected contains instructions as to how to provide feedback about this test page. If your user agent does not support automatic redirection or fails to provide a mechanism whereby you can access the page to which this page is set to automatically redirect, please consult the instructions contained in the section entitled What If Nothing Happens?

What Is Being Tested?

This document is part of a suite of pages designed to test the implementation of the W3C's User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG). In particular, this page is designed to test implementation of UAAG checkpoint 3.6:

3.6 Allow configuration so that a "client-side redirect" (i.e., one initiated by the user agent, not the server) does not change content except on explicit user request. Allow the user to access the new content on demand (e.g., by following a link or confirming a prompt). The user agent is not required to provide these functionalities for client-side redirects that occur instantaneously (i.e., when there is no delay before the new content is retrieved). [Priority 2] Content only.
Techniques for checkpoint 3.6

This document has been constructed to test user control over user agents' handling of automatic redirection in response to the following markup:


where "N" represents a discrete time interval in seconds.

What If Nothing Happens?

Please send comments and observations about this test page to <>. Your comments will be archived in the mailing list's public hypertext archive. Please make your observations as specific and detailed as possible. Be sure to include the following information when you report your observations to the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group:

  1. operating system (including version/revision number)
  2. assistive technology, if any (please include version number)
  3. user agent name and version (e.g. MSIE, version 5.00.2920.0000 update versions ;q254902)
  4. any special settings (i.e. any changes you or your adaptive equipment made to your user agent's default configuration)
  5. a description of what happened after you loaded the page (i.e. "Redirected to second page after 60 seconds."; "Page did not automatically redirect, but user agent notified me of the time interval and provided the URL of the second page"; "Nothing happened and I had no means of loading page 2.")

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