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In order to download RealPlayer, you must first fill out the following form. Be sure to answer all five questions.

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Question 1. Which version of RealPlayer would you like to download? (choose 1 of 3)

Question 2. Which operating system are you using? (choose 1 of 14)

Question 3. What language are you using? (7 choices)
NOTE: Non-English players are available for Windows 95/NT only. Version 5 is currently available in Japanese and Traditional Chinese only.

Question 4. What kind of processor is in your computer? (7 choices)

Question 5. What is your connection rate? (8 choices)


The features of RealPlayer 5.0:

Important notes before downloading the RealPlayer:

Latest Player Version, by platform:

RealPlayer 5.0 is available for the following platforms:
Windows 95/NT
Windows 3.1
Mac PowerPC In Beta
Linux 2.0
Solaris 2.5/2.6
Irix 6.2/6.3

RealPlayer 3.0 is supported by the following platforms:
Windows 3.1, on OS/2
Macintosh 68040 with FPU
Other Unix Platforms
Please report any problems encountered with this reformatted form to Gregory J. Rosmaita, <>
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